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星期二, 3月 14, 2017

[期待民主中国:2262] Re: [LoveTibet 15865] 寒冷的3月10日,抗争的58年。

谢谢汉中兄。非常感恩🙏🌹🙏 和您分享几位藏人朋友给我的留言:

来自 Tashi Nangsetsang: 

Thank You Sheng Xue-la!!  

For your unbreakable spirit and courage, we are fortunate to have you as a friend and as a role model for us Tibetans and for all our Chinese brothers and sisters around the world. 

The way you have been targeted, threatened and keep your sanity after all those conspiracy and accusations thrown at you by the Chinese communist government even while living in Canada for so many years is quite remarkable and unbelievable. 

Wish you good Health and Happiness!!


来自 Thupten Wangyal:

10th March 2017, 58th Tibetan National Uprising Day, Dundas Square, heart of the City of Toronto. Very long time friend and supporter a Chinese - Canadian journalist, writer and human rights activist Sheng Xue reading her poem with almost frozen hands as the weather was extremely cold and windy. The video quality may not be very good as I was struggling hard to change my hand in every few seconds without having a hand glove  in the freezing cold weather. I see her participation almost every Tibetan protest rally in Toronto and Ottawa since I came to Canada in 2001. Thank you, Thank You and Thank You  my friend Sheng Xue for your continued solidarity and support. I was little bit ashamed that there was hardly 300 to 400 Tibetan Canadians this year and may be most of them have the same excuse of working and not getting a leave!  Our brothers and sisters are sacrificing their precious human bodies  in Tibet with one last cry of voice for the long life of His Holiness The Dalai lama and His return to Tibet. There only hope is that Tibetans living in the free world will be their voice to be heard in the free world about their hell on earth suffering and we are finding  it hard to sacrifice a single days pay! 2013 10th March rally was one of the most efficiently organised rally and there was a participant of about 3000 which is almost  50% of the Tibetan Canadian's  living in and around greater Toronto.


来自:Urgyen Wangchuk

Sheng Xue has been a great ally to the Tibetan people, and even more so for human rights defenders across China. This offensive and distasteful poster meant to ruin her image found in Ottawa is just one of the many forms of overseas oppression she has had to deal with here in Canada. The Globe and Mail spoke with her on her struggles with keeping up her human rights advocacy in Canada in spite of various forms of threats and smear campaigns by supporters of China's party line, and possibly the Consulate itself. 


Human Rights Advocate Ms Xue Sheng Targeted With Lies And Baseless Allegations From China's Regime.


You have enemies? Why, it is the story of every man who has done a great deed or created a new idea. It is the cloud which thunders around everything that shines. Fame must have enemies, as light must have gnats. Do not bother yourself about it; disdain. Keep your mind serene as you keep your life clear.'

That of course was written in a world sans the internet and social media, now such a call to integrity, endurance and resolve can be more sorely tested, for lurking in those caves are trolls, social misfits, individuals with an axe to grind. What a resource this technology is, it enables calumny, smears and character assassination to reach a global audience, almost instantly. Under such circumstances it takes a determined and courageous individual to tolerate personalized attacks on the internet, especially with the equipoise and grace suggested by Victor Hugo.

Allow us to introduce once such person, who despite being subjected to vicious and relentless insults and fabrications online has not been deflected from her work in challenging and exposing the atrocities, injustice and crimes of the Chinese regime.  Sheng Xue has been justly described as 'one of Canada's leading democratic-rights advocates', she has dedicated herself to standing against the grim excesses of the Chinese authorities. With a remarkable selflessness she has waged a campaign demanding democracy and freedom within China and has been a tireless champion for human rights and political prisoners.

Such dissent and truth comes with a price, especially when opposing a totalitarian regime like China's, where propaganda, deception and disinformation infest and censor virtually every aspect of published and broadcast media in that suppressed land. As it cannot call upon foreign Editors or publications to channel its toxic distortions the only medium it can turn to is the internet, on which it directs an army of poorly paid unthinking drones whose task is to generate confusion, spread lies and peddle the official line of the Chinese regime. Sheng Xue has, like others who dare to criticize China's government, been targeted by such political trolls and exposed to a barrage of abusive falsehoods and crude smear campaigns. Clearly her campaigning and critique have struck an acutely sensitive nerve, and unable to counter the facts or prevent her dissenting voice China's psychotic leadership has ordered its attack-dogs to bark loudly and aggressively in the hope that the noise will silence her.

Clearly Beijing's bullies grossly underestimate the commitment of those dedicated towards the realization of a free and democratic China, whatever twisted allegations and lurid deceit it spreads will not halt the telling of truth nor, despite the emotional strains such nasty fallacy exerts, shall truly remarkable individuals cease from exposing China's corrupt and violent driven authorities.

发自我的 iPad

在 2017年3月11日,上午12:20,Chongjian Gonghe <chongjiangonghe@yahoo.com> 写道:



On Friday, March 10, 2017 2:46 PM, SHENG Xue <shengxue@gmail.com> wrote:

记忆中的3月10日都非常寒冷。今天零下九度,狂风劲吹,我在台上演讲时,帽子被风吹飞,几乎站不稳。已经记不得是第多少次出席藏人的街头活动,每一次都很感动,男女老少在这样寒冷的天气里,游行约七八公里的路程,到多伦多市中心DUNDAS SQ 继续集会。

Light For Freedom -- pay respect to self immolation in tibet

I opened my eyes in the morning
The room was dark
I opened the window to welcome the breeze
The sky was dark
I opened the door to greet the green woods
The mountain was dark
I opened my heart to embrace freedom
The whole world was dark
I don't want much
I just hope the yak in the mountains can freely run
I just hope the eagle in the sky can freely fly
I just want the monks in the temple to chant their rituals
I just want to see His Holiness at least once in my life
I keep all these as secrete dreams in my heart
I dare not ask
But it's too dark
I can no longer remember
What light looks like
I can no longer remember
The touch of sunshine
I can no longer remember
The feeling of a sweet night
I can no longer remember
The color of prayer flags
Darkness blew up
Darkness filled up the whole space
and tore up every sun's ray apart
and blocked every breath
Darkness built up and filled my emotions and my heart
I want to run away
I want to run, run,run
But the temple was demolished to pieces
Debris piled up like a bloody hill
The road leading to Lhasa is full of dark muzzle
Streets full of tanks with high barrels
Where can I hide
What should I try
Who will listen to my cries
And how can I just die
I saw a dim light in a death cup
I should light myself up
Light me up
Light me up
Light me up
I'd rather die for my ideals
If I cannot live with my beliefs
Light me up with style
Light me up for a life more real
The light is getting bigger
The flames grow ever higher
The Himalayas become a prayer
And forever fear is with me forever
Light me up
The sounds of flames resonates with the wind
Light me up
The fiery blaze dancing like sea waves
The burning sea waves surround me
Kiss me
Touch me
And hold me once again
Like a baby
But, I must return
I have to come back with the light
The light for believer of religion
The light for dignity action
The light for culture celebration
The light for language decision
The light for human rights
And the light for freedom determination
Light me up
Light the mountain up
Light the river up
Light the sky up
Let the darkness been burn up
Light the sun up
Let it shine
Let it shine for all lives
Let it shine in Tibet
Shine Tibet until it is bright