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星期五, 3月 10, 2017

[期待民主中国:2259] 寒冷的3月10日,抗争的58年。

记忆中的3月10日都非常寒冷。今天零下九度,狂风劲吹,我在台上演讲时,帽子被风吹飞,几乎站不稳。已经记不得是第多少次出席藏人的街头活动,每一次都很感动,男女老少在这样寒冷的天气里,游行约七八公里的路程,到多伦多市中心DUNDAS SQ 继续集会。

Light For Freedom -- pay respect to self immolation in tibet


I opened my eyes in the morning

The room was dark

I opened the window to welcome the breeze

The sky was dark

I opened the door to greet the green woods

The mountain was dark

I opened my heart to embrace freedom

The whole world was dark

I don't want much

I just hope the yak in the mountains can freely run

I just hope the eagle in the sky can freely fly

I just want the monks in the temple to chant their rituals

I just want to see His Holiness at least once in my life

I keep all these as secrete dreams in my heart

I dare not ask

But it's too dark

I can no longer remember

What light looks like

I can no longer remember

The touch of sunshine

I can no longer remember

The feeling of a sweet night

I can no longer remember

The color of prayer flags

Darkness blew up

Darkness filled up the whole space

and tore up every sun's ray apart

and blocked every breath

Darkness built up and filled my emotions and my heart

I want to run away

I want to run, run,run

But the temple was demolished to pieces

Debris piled up like a bloody hill

The road leading to Lhasa is full of dark muzzle

Streets full of tanks with high barrels

Where can I hide

What should I try

Who will listen to my cries

And how can I just die

I saw a dim light in a death cup

I should light myself up

Light me up

Light me up

Light me up

I'd rather die for my ideals

If I cannot live with my beliefs

Light me up with style

Light me up for a life more real

The light is getting bigger

The flames grow ever higher

The Himalayas become a prayer

And forever fear is with me forever

Light me up

The sounds of flames resonates with the wind

Light me up

The fiery blaze dancing like sea waves

The burning sea waves surround me

Kiss me

Touch me

And hold me once again

Like a baby

But, I must return

I have to come back with the light

The light for believer of religion

The light for dignity action

The light for culture celebration

The light for language decision

The light for human rights

And the light for freedom determination

Light me up

Light the mountain up

Light the river up

Light the sky up

Let the darkness been burn up

Light the sun up

Let it shine

Let it shine for all lives

Let it shine in Tibet

Shine Tibet until it is bright



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