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星期四, 7月 13, 2017

Fwd: 悉尼民主平台致函澳洲政府,要求紧急营救刘晓波





Hon Julie Bishop MP

Minister for Foreign Affairs


Dear Hon Bishop,


Re: Dr. Liu Xiaobo



We wish to advise that our community is shock to hear about the latest news of China's delay in granting permission for the ailing Dr. Liu Xiaobo, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, to go abroad for medical treatment. We ask our government to make an urgent response to this human rights violation as a member of the international community and as a country that values the freedom and dignity of the individual, and commitment to the rule of law.


It is widely known in the Western world that Dr. Liu was incarcerated as a political prisoner in the Liaoning province of PRC. His crime was related to his key role in formulating the famous "Charter 08" – a manifesto published in China in 2008 at the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHRs). Charter 08 advocates for political reforms in China consistent with terms cherished in the UDHRs.


As you are well aware, Dr. Liu is a Chinese human right activist who insists on a 'non-violent' approach of social reforms. His famous Nobel lecture in absentia, delivered by Liv Ullmann on 10 December 2010 says it all: "I Have No Enemies: My Final Statement". He initially wrote this article with an intention to be read at his trial in December 2009, but it was never allowed to be heard.


While many governments have appealed to China for Dr. Liu's release with no avail, it is ironic that he has finally been granted "medical parole" after being diagnosed with terminal liver cancer while in jail. While he is facing the final stage of his life, he is still denied the freedom to choose where and how he could receive his medical care.


The PRC government claimed it is unsafe for him to travel overseas, a lie that had been refuted by the US and German specialists who treated Dr. Liu. The way that PRC treats Dr. Liu has provoked grave anger from everywhere around the world except, perhaps, China where the news about Dr. Liu has been censored.


We do believe Chinese history will remark the Liu's case as clearly a relentless "Wenzizu" "文字狱". In English it refers to as "Literary Inquisition" which is an indication of notorious autocratic rules and will be condemned by Chinese people, generations after generations.


We request our government to make a clear statement to

·         Condemn the Chinese government's inhuman and brutal treatment of Dr. Liu to the extent that Dr. Liu is still not allowed to move anywhere at his own choice to get medical treatment and to spend for the rest of his life


·         Join the USA and Germany by offering refugee protection to Dr. Liu and his spouse, Liu Xia, so they could choose to come to Australia for his treatment and future life, if they choose to do so. Dr. Liu visited Australia in 1993 as a visiting scholar after his jail term for his role in the 1989 Beijing Pro-Democracy Movement. He loves Australia for our democratic system and multicultural environment.


·         Condemn China's human right records in which Dr. Liu's case represents a peak highlight.


We ask that our government to take a leading role to urge the Chinese government to take note of this matter as it violates human rights and justice. Dr. Liu should not have spent a day in jail and many countries would have agreed on this. The fact that his cancer was not diagnosed until it reached terminal phase while in jail has highlighted the injustice and brutality. Countries that choose not to respond now to Dr. Liu's case would have no excuse as it would be like supporting the oppressor to prolong human right abuses.







Sydney Network for Democracy in China (SN4DC)


Chun Wing Fan – Public Officer

Chen Yonglin, Coordinator

Zhang Xiaogang , Coordinator


3 Omaha Street Belfield 2191



cc – members of House of Representatives and Senate