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星期三, 6月 28, 2017



主權移交二十年來,香港市民受盡欺壓,貧無立錐 : 不僅是經濟民生上的貧困,更是政治權利上的貧弱。在中國大陸,追求民主自由者如劉曉波,更是歷盡磨難,中共竟以十年牢獄,間接殺死一名諾貝爾和平獎得主,實在無法無天。在中共專權之下,莫不是悲苦的自由靈魂。




28 JUNE 2017

Two days ago, Demosisto, the League of Social Democrats, and People Power covered the Golden Bauhinia Statue in black to protest against the hard-line administration in the past twenty years.

This evening, we are determined to stage a protest at the Black Bauhinia again to express our anger towards this brutal regime. We intend to stay there overnight and expose the brutal truth behind the facade of Hong Kong being “returned to the motherland”. This city’s sovereignty was transferred from the British to the Chinese in 1997 without properly consulting the people. The authoritarian government perverted Hong Kong people’s civil and political rights to free elections and democracy by dishonouring their promises as stated in the Sino-British Joint Declaration.

Under Xi Jinping’s leadership, China will go to any lengths to suppress democratisation and human rights. The medical parole to Mr. Liu Xiaobo was granted only to save embarrassment of a well-known political prisoner dying in prison, reflecting the cruel nature of the communist regime. At home, China has tightened its grip on the civil society since the Umbrella Movement, in addition to interfering with the internal affairs of Hong Kong through various means. It is no surprise that Hong Kong has waned in confidence regarding ‘One Country Two Systems’, replacing it with the fear of the framework devolving into ‘One Country 1.5 Systems’.

We demand the NPCSC to retract its 831 decision and honour the promise of universal suffrage, and the Chinese authorities to immediately and unconditionally release Mr. Liu Xiaobo, ensuring adequate medical care for him and effective access to his family.

Most importantly, we urge our fellow citizens to take part in direct civic actions on 1st of July to demonstrate, not only to Xi Jinping, but also to the international community, our right to democracy and self-determination.