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星期五, 2月 03, 2017

议员联系办法我这里全有 (Re: RE: [????] ???????)





On 2017/2/4 5:01, EMW wrote:

Okay, 我已找到 Office of the Premier 的聯絡電話和 email address. For those who prefer to email instead, here is the contact info. Hope that helps, thanks! Y


Office of the Premier
1 Treasury Place
Melbourne, Victoria
Australia, 3002



(03) 9651 5000


(03) 9651 5054

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不知能否提供Premier Daniel Andrews 辦公室的email address 這樣大家也可直接把信寄去。因為不少人由於不願意在網上填寫個人的聯絡信息而不能簽名﹐如有直接寄信的選擇﹐會增加更多的聲音。謝謝Y


Premier Daniel Andrews: Please Stop the Show of the Red Detachment of Women

(Updated on October 4, 2016)

The Honourable Premier Daniel Andrews,

We are a group of Australian citizens and residents who are aggrieved by the Victorian Government's decision to host a propaganda ballet "The Red Detachment of Women", scheduled to debut at the Arts Centre in Melbourne on 15 February 2017 as part of the Asia-Pacific Triennial of Performing Arts.

The red ballet is directly hostile to our national fundamental values on the ground that it is virtually an uncompromising attack on the freedom of thought, expression and arts, and it is inappropriate for any Australian governmental institute to sponsor such an attack against our main values and national identity.

The red ballet itself represents a suppression of artistic freedom. The red ballet is one of the mass murderer Mao's eight "Revolutionary Model Operas" orchestrated by Mao's wife Jiang Qing to brainwash civilians during the horror age of Culture Revolution, an event comparable to the Holocaust in Nazi Germany. For the majority of the  Chinese population at that time, those eight "model operas" were the only permitted forms of public entertainment. All other traditional arts were banned and erased spiritually and physically from the national memory. Over 400,000 artists and other intellectuals have been persecuted to death. This revolutionary red ballet was a form of fascist aesthetics, designed to attack on the traditional Chinese civilisation itself and against all artistic freedom.

The plots are about brutal revenge, mass slaughter of land owners, absurd confiscation of private properties and looting the wealthy by the Red Army. It uses women as stage props, and the stage is filled with violence, hatred and political symbols. It is a venting of anti-humanitarian values.

When Mao died in 1976 and his wife Jiang Qing taken into prison, the red ballet was shelved. It  was revived after the 1989 Tiananmen Massacre for restraining Western ideology.

Although political extremism against art freedom and universal values are permissible under Australia's civil liberties, for any  governmental institute to stand for it and support it would be a betrayal of the public interest and an abuse of the multicultural policy.

Furthermore, many Australian citizens born in China and Tibetan Australians have personally suffered the torments of the brutal Land Reform Movement, the holocaust of the Great Leap and Cultural Revolution. The red ballet was created purely to praise  Mao's Class Struggle doctrine and justify his killing of innocent people. Mao had killed  over 2 million land owners in two years (1950 to 1952) and over 710,000 POWs of the former National Government  in the period from 1950 to 1953.

Therefore, for the Victorian Government to host and promote such an unremorseful celebration of the very oppression is a grave personal insult to those patriotic Australians and their posterity.

The Australian Values Alliance (AVA) , initiator of this petition is available at your service to inform you further about the relevant historical background details and Chinese cultural context upon your request. Thanks for your attention.


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